DSV offers a state-of-the art TMS for Domestic China distribution. A unique cloud-base systems which allows DSV to follow customers’ orders from customer order processing team, through DSV or subcontracted fleet up to final delivery place. One of the few TMS made in and for China market.

Current situation of the market:

  • No vendor has a total coverage
  • Manual order exchange
  • “Low rates but high invoice” culture
  • Unreliable track & trace: where is my cargo?
  • Doubtable KPIs
  • Classic/international TMS useless in China

DSV offers a unique response:

  • No license to purchase: free ID. No software to install: go online and log-in
  • Orders/rates/comments updated through the system
  • No multiple order entry –eliminate waste & errors
  • Order track & trace through multiple vendor layers
  • e-POD with GPS location and time of the "picture" of the paper POD
  • Address data base from China Post
  • Pre-billing possible: based on shared tariffs x volumes
  • Simple - learn basics online in 30 minutes
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