Global Accounts

For our multinational and global customers we endeavour to match and reflect the specific value chain with corresponding contact persons.

Our Global Accounts employees know the relevant industry and the optimum types of transport and logistics solutions. The Global Accounts employees are highly specialised and have years of experience in finding the best global solutions for the entire value chain. The value chain includes everything from production to export and packing, labelling, warehousing and distribution.

Global solutions for global customers

Global Accounts finds the best global solutions for our global customers and makes sure that all DSV colleagues provide the agreed services, documentation and reports. Optimising the overall global solutions in respect of transit times, warehousing and logistics solutions, capacity, reliability and economy is a key success criteria for our Global Accounts staff.

Self-services tools

DSV’s self-services give you complete control and overview of your shipments. 
We have a number of self-service tools to help you manage your logistics and shipments. Our DSV contact will assist you with accessing the right service for your needs.

DSV self service tools

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