Healthcare logistics

Logistic solutions for the healthcare sector

We have great experience with the healthcare sector and are familiar with the white coat culture, the high quality standards and specific requirements.

The healthcare sector is a continuously changing and developing industry with high quality and regulatory demands, and all healthcare industry customers require a tailor-made supply chain. Our end-to-end solutions encompass the entire chain from raw material management to final delivery at hospital wards, including return processes.

In the healthcare sector we operate in the following four sub-sectors: 

  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Medical products and personal care
  • Hospitals and care homes

Healthcare facilities

Our healthcare facilities are equipped to comply with the required healthcare quality standards and regulations. We have climate-controlled storage facilities and transport capabilities throughout Europe. This includes ambient, cold and frozen environments as well as clean room environments. 

Sub-sector specific solutions within the healthcare sector are offered as well.

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