Consumer products logistics

Logistic solutions for consumer products

We are prepared for the ever changing dynamics in the consumer products industry and understand its challenges and needs. Our retail supply chain module enables you to manage the dynamics and competitive conditions of the consumer products industry in a smooth and prompt manner.

Our integrated services and technological capabilities will increase your productivity and improve efficiency. We provide higher visibility and transparency across all processes, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Consumables and durable products

We provide a variety of consumer product solutions for the consumables and durable products industry:

  • Consumables
    • Food & beverages
    • Tobacco & alcohol
    • Personal care

  • Durable products
    • Consumer electronics & appliances
    • Fashion, footwear & apparel
    • Sports & leisure
    • Do-it-yourself products & home products

Specific facilities for consumer products

Across Europe, specific sites are equipped to handle and store apparel and footwear. We have specialist know-how on how to deal with delicate and theft-sensitive products, such as fashion items and consumer electronics.

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