SEA-AIR - ship then fly

When sea is too slow and air is too expensive, try a combination of the two

SEA-AIR - an ideal combination of speed and cost

The long sea voyage from Asia to Europe or America gives you the lowest cost transport - but it doesn't give you speed. So if air freight all the way is out of your budget range, think about our combined service - DSV SEA-AIR.

For example, we'll ship your cargo from Shanghai or Hong Kong to Dubai or Singapore by container ship where we transfer it to an aircraft for you within hours of arrival. Via DSV Sea-Air, you can transport your goods at up to half the transit time of ocean freight and half the cost of air freight from Far East to Europe or Americas.

Not all goods are suitable for shipping in this way, and you'll need to pay attention to the regulations for dangerous goods by both air and sea. And clearly, a whole shipping container can't be loaded onto an aircraft without unloading it and repacking. Our expert freight forwarders are ready to advise you about all the options. You tell us the starting point and the destination; we'll find the best route for your budget and speed requirements.

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