Our Airfreight products

We sequence our airfreight services exactly according to your wishes.

For more flexibility we offer three time and service defined products with track & trace and E-billing capabilities.

DSV priority - when time matters

DSV offer daily flights to service your primary markets all over the world which allow you to plan the transportation of all your cargo as efficiently as possible. Fixed schedules on our daily flights give you the flexibility to delay or accelerate delivery of your goods to satisfy your supply chain requirements. For more remote or complex destinations, our specialists arrange creative routings with scheduled departures several times a week.

DSV classic - when you need flexibility

When cost effectiveness is what you are looking for, we consolidate your cargo in our own facilities to increase efficiency, reduce handling and optimise costs. Our consolidated services include secure, reliable and efficient scheduled transports to all major commercial centres around the world several times a week.

DSV budget - when cost is your primary concern

DSV budget is aimed at long term planning which would exploit savings potential in weekly departures according to density and solid cargo space availability: perfect for all non-time critical shipments.

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