First customer to respond recieves a personal visit

The DSV Customer Success Program (CSP) is well underway in several countries, with customers being asked about their satisfaction with DSV. This is the story of a swift response and follow-up visit in The Netherlands.

Rapid response team

Six hours after Mr. Beekmans from Legrand submitted his reply on the survey, he was contacted to be personally visited to give more feedback and receive more information based on his survey.

‚ÄčOn Thursday 9 April, Inge Jespers (Customer Succes Manager) and Patrick van Ulft (General Commercial Manager) went for a personal visit to Mr. Beekmans, who was the first customer to submit a reply on the CSP Survey.

A positive surprise

When having Mr. Beekmans on the phone he was surprised by the quick response and even more  astonished on the question if we were welcome to visit him to discuss his feedback.
NPS scale.png
How customers score us determines if they are likely to recommend us (promoters) or not (detractors)

A detractor is an oppurtunity to learn

A detractor is someone who does not recommend a company to others, in opposition to a promotor, who speaks highly of us. And with a detractor score of 6 (on a scale from 0 to 10) we were very interested to hear what the reason for this score was, but even more interesting in learning what we could do to make a promotor of Legrand?
His initial answer was an opening: “I have checked with my employees and they are satisfied with DSV, which means I gave you a 6, but it also could be a 7”.

Personal experience is the deciding factor

The direct personal experience Mr. Beekmans had with DSV was checking DSV invoices. He had noticed a huge improvement in how DSV is taking care of invoicing complaints. In the past he had to contact us several times to get a reply and final solution on a complaint. Since last year, after DSV implemented a new complaint tool, he had noticed a huge improvement. “Directly after submitting my complaint I got a complaint ID and within 5 working days my complaint is solved to my satisfaction”.

What did we learn from this visit?

  • A personal visit was highly appreciated and more valuable information was therefore retrieved
It was a valuable visit for Legrand as well as for DSV. We have learned from each other and created new opportunities for future cooperation!