Warehouse locations in China

Our warehouse locations in China

In China we have 21 warehouse locations with a total of 180 employees and 125,000 m2 storage space. Below you can see an overview of all the locations in China. Click on a location to read more about that specific warehouse. 

 Warehouse location in China 
 Shanghai WGQ
 Shanghai WGQ, Debao Road
 Shanghai, Yangshan FTPA
 Car warehouse in Shanghai
 Shanghai, Kangqiao
 Shanghai, Songjiang
 Shanghai, SJEPZ
 Shanghai, Qingpu
 Suzhou, Jichang Road
 Suzhou, Jinjihu Avenue
 Beijing Majuqiao
 Beijing Yizhuang
 Tianjin GLP
 Tianjin Goodman

China Warehouse Locations

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